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Literacy shapes how we learn, work & socialize.

The best way to learn literacy is to engage with the written word in everyday life. Proper comprehension will then translate to leadership skills and structured communication. In a world that’s becoming more technology-driven on a daily basis, this skill-set is growing increasingly important.
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Who This Is For

  • An organization’s team builders

    For those in human resources, management, training, and more. Lead your vision through effective communication.

  • Those who want advancement

    Get recognized and up-level in your career by having the ability to construct a vision and articulate that clearly to your team.

  • Sharpen the art of communication

    Understand the use of figures of speech, persuasiveness, impressive writing, compositional techniques, and barriers.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction to Course

    • Introduction to Module 1

    • Presentation - Leadership and Communication

    • Presentation for Notes - Leadership and Communication

    • Barriers to Communication

    • Presentation for Notes - Barriers to Communication

    • Leadership and Communication

    • Activity - Storytelling

    • Leadership and Communication

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Module 2

    • Presentation - Rhetoric and Leadership

    • Presentation for Notes - Rhetoric and Leadership

    • Rhetoric and Leadership

    • Activity - Analyzing a Text

    • Activity - Rethinking Rhetoric

    • Quiz - Rhetoric and Leadership

Course Bonuses

In addition to full course lifetime access, you will also receive:

  • One-on-one coaching

    Contact us to schedule an optional 30 minute discovery session to determine your goals.

  • High-Level Guidance

    Learn from a Professor of English with a successful history and career spanning over 30+ years of achievements.

  • Lifetime Access

    Access the course at your own convenience & pace. Return anytime to view the resources.

Student Testimonials

Gave me confidence

Shane P.

”I’m a corporate trainer for teams and this course gave me more confidence in leading others. I’ll definitely be going through the 2 other writing courses.”

I bought the bundle

Dawn R.

”English is my second language, so taking this helps me learn and correct myself. I also want others to understand me well and I want to be seen as an articulate leader.”

Level up

Eric S.

”I’m always on the path to self-improvement and learning how to sharpen my presentation skills in my career helped me level up.”

Greater chances of...

Promotion or being employed.

Literacy shapes how we learn, work and socialize. Adults with higher proficiency in literacy and comprehension tend to have better outcomes in the labor market than their less-proficient peers. They tend to earn higher wages too.

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