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Be your own boss & drive economic growth!

Charting a new path is not always easy. This course serves as a step-by-step guide to help you with your business plan. Along w/ interviews from successful entrepreneurs to help you understand the foundation of starting and owning a profitable business. 📈
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What You'll Learn

  • Research & Financing

    Learn to lay the practical groundwork, do market research, and understand startup costs to prepare yourself.

  • Create A Business Plan

    Learn the latest business strategies and develop a strong business plan using our guidance and resources.

  • Learn From Others

    Shoulder off successful entrepreneurs, how they’ve overcome obstacles, hiring employees, and much more.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • What we will Learn

    • Introduction/Objectives

    • Meet our Small Business Owner. Deanna from Art Box Ogden.

    • Meet our Small Business Owner. Tyson from Copper John's Beard Company.

    • Quiz #1

  2. 2
    • Doing your homework

    • Art Box - Deanna on marketing

    • Copper John's - Tyson on marketing

    • Marketing Worksheet

    • Marketing Quiz

  3. 3
    • What will my startup costs be?

    • Art Box - Deanna on LLC

    • Tyson on LLCs

    • Excel startup worksheet

    • PDF startup worksheet

    • Startup quiz

  4. 4
    • Where to find the money!

    • Art Box- Deanna on finding the money.

    • Copper John's- Tyson on finding the money.

    • Funding worksheet

    • Funding quiz

  5. 5
    • Your business plan.

    • Sample Business Plan - We Can Do It Consulting

    • Sample Business Plan - Template

    • Sample Lean Business Plan - Wooden Grain Toy Company

    • Sample Lean Business Plan Template

    • Business plan quiz

  6. 6
    • Art box - Starting your business

    • Art Box - Problems

    • Art Box - Hiring employees

    • Art Box - Additional resources

    • Art Box - The future

    • Copper John's - Advice on starting

    • Copper John's - How did you get the idea?

    • Copper John's - Challenges

    • Copper John's - Employees

    • Copper John's - Future

  7. 7
    • Final quiz

  8. 8
    • You're all Done

    • Please tell us what we can do better.

Course Bonuses

In addition to full course lifetime access, you will also receive:

  • One-on-one coaching

    Contact us to schedule an optional 30 minute discovery session to determine your goals.

  • Tools & Resources

    In addition to self-assessments,
use our worksheets and templates as your guide.

  • Lifetime Access

    Access the course at your own convenience & pace. Return anytime to view the resources.

Student Testimonials

Saved me time!

Paul G.

”I needed a career change, I was getting tired of my 9-5. And I always knew I wanted to start my own business but didn’t exactly know how. This course helped save me the time on learning it all myself.”

Straight to the point!

Halia F.

”This course was straight to the point and served as a linear guide to my own business plan. I’m now running my own business and all is going well!”

Gave me a strong foundation.

Carrie H.

"A business plan is so crucial, but many people overlook it. I didn’t want to be like most people, so I took this course to give me insight and a strong foundation.”

It's time to elevate yourself!

Prepare for a thriving small business! Create a strong business plan using market research, financing options, and learn the latest business strategies.

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