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Bartenders Are In Demand!

This industry is projected to grow 32% by 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. Without tips, the average salary for a bartender is $26,094, with the average tips of $150 per day! 🤑 This number can be further increased if you possess any pertinent certification.

 Learn what it takes and get certified!
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What You'll Get Out Of It

  • Use it as a step up

    Use your knowledge as a bartender to step up and learn the ropes of managing your own bar, club, or restaurant.

  • Dynamic environment

    Not only will you be everyone’s favorite party guest, but you can also take it anywhere and make some sweeet tips.

  • Structured knowledge

    Our beginner-friendly course will have you understand proper knowledge, learn from experts, and gain a certification.

What's In The Course?

From bar organization, equipment essentials, health/safety standards, proper pouring, understanding customers, keeping customers safe, to bartender psychology are presented. Along with Interviews with working professional bartenders in a variety of bar settings to enhance the learning experience. (Certificate offered).

Sneak Peak

  1. 2
    • Bar Organization Introduction

    • Bar Organization Beginning Knowledge Quiz

    • Bartender Bar Tour

    • Your First Assignment!

    • Bar Mapping

    • Bar Map Submitted?

    • Bar Equipment Essentials

    • Bar Equipment-Shakers

    • Bar Equipment-Muddlers to Strainers

    • Bar Equipment-Bar Blades to Glass Washers

    • Bar Equipment-Rimmers to Mats

    • Bar Equipment-Glasses

    • Bar Equipment Final Assessment

  2. 3
    • Down time? What's that?

    • Establishing Good Cleaning Habits

    • What do you know about bar cleanliness?

    • Health Standards Introduction

    • Health Code Violations Suck

    • What type of training do bartenders need? (Pre-assessment)

    • What type of training have our bartenders had?

    • Bartender Course Certification Required?

    • Bar Health Code and Safety Practices Quiz

  3. 4
    • Bartenders' Favorite Drinks To Make

    • Most Popular Cocktails Survey

    • Most Popular Drinks to Make

    • How To Do A Pour Count

    • The Right Way To Pour Wine And Why

    • The Right Way To Pour Beer And Why

    • Making Your Favorite Cocktail

    • Favorite Cocktail Assignment Submitted?

    • Practice, Practice, Practice Final Assessment

  4. 5
    • What Is The Best Thing About Being A Bartender?

    • Identifying Customer Types

    • Bartender Psychologist

    • Most Important Aspect to Remember With Bartender Psychology

    • Using Your Skills to Upsell

    • Biggest Challenges Of Being A Bartender?

    • How Do You Shake It Off and Don't Take It Personally?

    • Keeping Customers Safe

    • Drinking and Driving: Is It Your Responsibility?

    • Are you a responsible drinker?

    • Responsible Bartending Multimedia

    • So How Do You Cut A Customer Off And When?

    • Knowing Your Customers Quiz

  5. 6
    • Now how do I take all this and make myself a kick-ass bartender?

    • Researching How to Be a Better Bartender Psychologist

    • Be That Guy On Cocktail

    • Which type of bartender are you?

    • Do's and Don'ts of Bartending-Courtney

    • Do's and Don'ts-Cory

    • Do's and Don'ts-Cortnee

    • Bartender's Final Advice

    • Wrapping it Up

    • Beginning Bartender Course Final Assessment

    • End of Course Survey

Course Bonuses

In addition to full course lifetime access, you will also receive:

  • One-on-one coaching

    Contact us to schedule an optional 30 minute discovery session to determine your goals.

  • Certification

    Gain a certificate of completion with our beginner-friendly courses for aspiring bartenders.

  • Lifetime Access

    Access the course at your own convenience & pace. Return anytime to view the resources.

  • Expert Guidance

    Learn from an expert director that has served in the wine space for over 20+ years.

Student Testimonials

Extra income = Yes!

Mark P.

”I wanted to make extra side income while also working towards capital to own and manage my own bar venue someday. I was able to pick up on things fast through this course, thank you!”

This gives me a leg up!

TIna R.

”Having the certificate to show to employers gave me a leg up and scored me job opportunities. They appreciated that I took the time to take a course to learn what it takes to be a bartender.”

Did not disappoint.

Jack M.

”I prefer to learn remotely and at my own pace as opposed to signing up for in-class bartending lessons that quiz you on pressure. This did not disappoint.”

Earn Your Certificate

This beginner-friendly course will shape you up to become a professional bartender without any background or experience!

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